Green Smoothie – Have a Perfect Body Figure

Many of us are being taught that the best nutrients that you can get are from green food (vegetables and fruits). It was said that most of the beneficial vitamins and minerals can be obtained from taking green leafy vegetables. Plant based drinks are now being introduced to the community as something that you can make easily and make the most out of the nutrients that can be obtained from the vegetables and fruits by just blending it. The Green Smoothie is also best for those who are experiencing illnesses because you will absorb all the nutrient compounds of the vegetables that a person may need.


Origin of Green Smoothie

You may wonder on when did the green smoothie really started. Who initially made the first green smoothie? And how did it become popular to the community? The Boutenko Family is the one who introduced the first green smoothie which was in 1994. Victoria Boutenko, tried to discovered various health alternative that would benefit the whole family and when they found out the various of benefits that the green smoothie brought them, they began to also share this to the community by giving lessons on how it would work to your health and how it would make a difference to your lifestyle. After being able to spread the good news that this green smoothie can do, they Boutenko family eventually became famous as the Raw family and up until now they are still promoting and contributing to the continuous development of the green smoothie.

Benefits that you can get from Green Smoothie

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from drinking the green smoothie aside from having to taste a variety of fruits and vegetables. The following are the benefits that you can get from Green Smoothies.

Green smoothie via flickr
Green smoothie, image courtesy: Flickr
  1. Give you more nutrients such as vitamins and minerals
  2. Very cheap especially if you made your own green smoothie
  3. Boost your metabolism
  4. Great opportunity to enjoy consuming vegetables
  5. Keep you hydrated due the liquid substance that you intake
  6. Promote good digestion
  7. Help you in achieving your weight goal

Most popular promoters of Green Smoothie in the USA

Famous people are now happy in the results of taking green smoothie as part of their diet; most of them said that they began to have beautiful skin and hair as well as having a perfect body figure. Some gorgeous celebrities are now hooked in drinking green smoothies such as Kate Upton, Anne Hathaway and Drew Barrymore. A few men did not miss the opportunity to also enjoy the benefits of this diet. Collin Farell and Josh Duhamel are often seen in the streets with their green smoothies promotions that how green smoothies helped them eliminate toxins in their body.

Precautions taking Green Smoothie

Even though green smoothies is said to be a big factor in having a healthy body there are also warnings that you should be aware of. A large amount of raw and leafy vegetables can often get from people who are green smoothie fanatics. At the beginning of this diet, you may experience dizziness, fatigue as well as sudden changes in your bowel movement because you are still in the adjusting period of having a new diet. So you have to take extra precaution when you are about to start this diet. Another warning is if you have been taking this diet longer than anyone else, you may want to think that having to intake more green smoothie will pass you the chance of getting more good fats in your diet which also is a big help in absorbing nutrients in your body.

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