Top Foods that Reduce Stress

Did you know that a third of word population undergo stress in two week period? This is a result of the current lifestyle such as busy working schedules,finance crisis, insecurity, heath complication, relationship issues among others. This mental disorder occurs at varying level where different individual handles it differently. With the situation being rampant in the society, a lot of research has been done and hundreds of books written on how to manage it. One of the common message is eating healthy diet that people should follow in the quest of curbing stress.

Food with vitamin B6 content is highly advised. This component is well known to produce serotonin, a brain chemical that plays a fundamental role in creating a calming effect. Some of the foods that contain it include avocados, steamed greened beans, baked potatoes with skin among other.

Clam, plain yogurt,chicken and salmon are diets known to contain vitamin B12. This vitamin helps in formation of gamma-amino butyric acid which acts as a neurotransmitter for calming effect. The recipe for such foods include orange-walnuts with yogurt cakes or chicken with lemon, mustard greens and olives.

Green leafy vegetables produce dopamine- a brain chemical that is also responsible for calmness. Some of these vegetarian leaves include spinach, so next time you crave for a burger ensure you grab a green one and you will have the advantage of being full, and reduce depression bringing happier and energetic day along.

Folate or folic acid is a common component in dark leafy green, asparagus and orange juice. This acid also produce dopamine- a chemical which transmit pleasure. Easy and quick recipe to make such foods include roasted asparagus and eggs.

Turkey is very common in thanksgiving. Apart from the delicacy, this food helps in producing tryptophan and serotonin, chemicals that produce a feeling of happiness and regulates hunger. For same result one can take oats, nuts, fish and tofu.

Magnesium tend to get depleted when people get stresses out. To supplement it, one can take tofu, almonds or sunflower seed. This will stimulate dopamine and GABA helping you fight the condition. Recipe for such dish includes stir-fried tofu or spinach salad with avocado and pomegranate.

Research indicate that carbohydrates help in serotonin production, a chemical which act as antidepressant. The craving for sugary foods during stress period is usually overwhelming. The thumb up rule in this situation is grabbing some oatmeal. This will help you regulate the condition in a healthy way rather than solving the craving while you increase blood glucose level.

Vitamin C not only boost people’s immunity but also fight brain damage as a result of cortisol exposure. One should take orange juices, strawberries and broccoli where they are available in recipes such as broccoli with orecchiette.

We are what we eat and good diet should always prevail. This means that in the fight towards stress a balanced diet should be maintained. To ensure maximum result try and do something to the cause of stress and have ample sleeping time.

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