Foods that Boost Your Energy during Sex

We all have a soft spot for sex in our heart. Love making can be exhausting but still extremely satisfying. Underperformance can happen to anyone leaving the other partner unsatisfied and if this scenarios continue for long it can brew to bigger problem. When it comes to men failing to rise to the occasion can be such a thumping to ones ego where total avoidance of sex is eminent.

There exist numerous ways to boost libido and this includes use of natural ways as well as use of drugs such as Viagra. However, research indicates that this pill despite being so embraced by men have negative health effect leaving natural foods a better solution in solving poor bed performance.

For one who need to have repeated good performance there is need for food that boost your sex drive.This is because after ejaculation men lose a lot of energy followed by slumber. This might be against ones wish and having the following foods for better sex will help boosting the energy before or after sex.



Most of the fruits are also known to be rich in vitamin C .This component increase your sperm count which in turn boost libido and still very crucial for conceiving. An apple for an example is a stimulant and for hygiene purpose help in reducing bad breath making one comfortable in the act. Bananas are known to contain bromelain enzyme which is known to give a boost to your libido.

Watermelon helps in increasing stimulation and as well as relaxing of blood vessels. It has citrulline component which boost your mood and increase sensation thus a highly recommended snack to grab before and after sex.


Most seafood are recommended as they increase serotonin which help getting you in the mood. Some examples of such foods include lobsters,shrimps and krill.


Eggs are the key in unlocking sex energy. They are considered as some of the best sex foods and have other major positive health benefits e.g. stress reduction.

To curb erectiledysfunction red meat offer great solution. If this food is taken with the right moderation it increase protein level, zinc and iron in the body. Fish for example, are rich in omega 3. This component increase dopamine levels which is positive for sexual arousal.

Oysters are popular source of aphrodisiac foods. It boost libido in men by increasing testosterone. They also contain zinc which boost blood circulation in the genitals.


For best orgasm experience intake of spinach is advised. They heighten arousal as well as blood flow to genitals.They should be consumed before the intercourse for optimal stimulation.

Ginger increase sex libido and blood circulation to the genitals. One of the best way to consume it is mixing it with lime juice to make ginger lemon mock tail.

Drinks such as coffee help in increasing energy levels as well as boosting ones mood. This means you should brew a cup for you and your partner before you get down on each other.

Poor lifestyle can interfere with sexual vigor. Some of practices which should be avoided includes smoking, lack of exercise and avoiding adequate sleep. Stress is a psychological factor which obstruct one from hitting the maximum potential when it comes to enjoying sex. Therefore, as you improve your cooking don’t forget to manage your stress.

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